Dining table 1 Sociodemographic, sexual or any other functions of females aged 15-24 which advertised with got sexual intercourse

Dining table 1 Sociodemographic, sexual or any other functions of females aged 15-24 which advertised with got sexual intercourse

Additional factors assessed was indeed impact away from a much better life (coded as the “1” if the fellow member consider the lifestyle had improved within the before year and you will asked the lives to switch inside further year); access to hosts (if participants put a computer during the prior 12 months in the the very least weekly); entry to web sites (if people used the internet sites within the earlier in the day one year on minimum weekly); accessibility societal wellness attributes; area (Northwest, Northeast, Main, Mexico Town and you may County away from Mexico, and you will South); and you may section of quarters (outlying or urban). We only incorporated access to public fitness characteristics regarding the bivariate analysis as a result of the likelihood of opposite causality, because the pregnant women and no entry to instance services are able to afford to get subscribed to Seguro Preferred, a north american country health system that provides health services free-of-charge.

Mathematical analyses

We calculated wavelengths off women’s attributes centered on in the event that they had actually already been expecting. I plus stated this new statistical need for differences between features out-of individuals who had actually started pregnant and those who had never ever been expecting playing with chi-squared tests. We held separate bivariate analyses for ladies aged 15-19 and women old 20-24 just who don’t get pregnant in advance of decades 20.

We used general linear models (GLM) to assess associations with the outcome variables “ever pregnant” and “being a mother”. We used GLM with log-link functions, Poisson distributions, and robust standard errors 18 18. Cummings P. Methods for estimating adjusted risk ratios. Stata J 2009; 9:175-96. , 19 19. Zou G. A modified poisson regression approach to prospective studies with binary data. Am J Epidemiol 2004; -6. considering that binomial models for prevalence ratios tend to underestimate standard errors and therefore generate narrower confidence intervals 19 19. Zou G. A modified poisson regression approach to prospective studies with binary data. Am J Epidemiol 2004; -6. . We estimated parsimonious stratified models by age (15-19 and 20-24 with no pregnancies before age 20) for all women who had ever had sexual intercourse prior to the survey. We included variables whose bivariate tests had a p-value < 0.25>

Very teens having an early sexual debut (prior to age fifteen) said actually ever having been expecting (86%) compared with simply 50 % of individuals with an afterwards sexual debut

Table 1 presents the latest socioeconomic characteristics of women which claimed previously which have sexual intercourse by being pregnant by age-classification (15-19 and you may 20-24). Indigenous background was not somewhat of ever-being expecting inside the new adolescent class. Yet not, one of adult female, ever-being expecting was notably highest in the local (87%) than in this new non-indigenous class (64%). Among feminine attending college or university, 72% and you will 82% had never been expecting within the adolescence so when young adults, respectively. Alternatively, just twenty-five% of teenagers and you can twenty two% regarding adults had never been expecting some of those which end college or university. Significant differences from the informative attainment have been as well as seen. The fresh new proportion from ever before-expecting mothers in both age range was somewhat high to possess primary or faster minimizing secondary training compared to top second and you will tertiary studies. No more than 9% of teens and you will 24% regarding people that have tertiary education stated ever before having been pregnant, versus 85% away from adolescents and you will ninety% out-of mature female with top or reduced knowledge.

Relationship position shown an effective and significant association which have ever before that have started expecting. Extremely married or cohabiting women claimed being pregnant (85% among teenagers and 93% certainly young people). Decades to start with sexual intercourse are high only for women lower than 20. Which have more mature people (at least 10 years earlier) are notably in the higher maternity cost just https://kissbrides.com/hr/thaiflirting-recenzija/ inside more youthful mature women. I seen a critical relationship having contraceptive parameters for decades groups. More 70% of them using progressive contraceptive procedures reported ever before having been expecting. By contrast, less than forty% of these whom said playing with a condom at last intercourse advertised actually ever being expecting. Accessibility Pointers and you will Interaction Technical (ICT) has also been significantly with the actually having been expecting both in age groups. One of those playing with servers and you can websites, the new proportion of women revealing previously being pregnant try lower than simply one particular who don’t play with ICT. Concurrently, bad women portrayed a higher proportion of previously-pregnant women (74% having teenagers and you may 81% getting people) than did its non-poor alternatives (47% getting adolescents and you may 54% for adults). In the long run, i observed a high ratio from actually-women that are pregnant certainly rural section for both a long time (70% having adolescents and you may 78% for grownups for the rural parts in place of 55% and you can 63%, correspondingly, inside the cities).






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