Legal Matters Rap

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are caracals legal in california cancellation of promissory note agreement is law a stem degree
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Check it, legal matters, we gotta discuss
From cohabitation laws to cota agreement fuss
Japanese law enforcement, they ain’t messin’ around
They got regulations, policies, and procedures that’ll confound

Need some legal aid in Salt Lake City?
They got your back, free assistance, ain’t that pretty?
Can a spouse sign legal docs, that’s the question
For the answer, check the link, no need for guessin’

Competent witness in law of evidence
Understand who qualifies, don’t be on the fence
Caracals in California, are they really legal?
Rules and regulations, the link has the sequel

Promissory note agreement, you want to cancel it
Legal process and procedures, don’t have a fit
Is law a STEM degree, exploring the connection?
Check the link for answers, in this legal reflection

CFD trading, is it legal in the US?
Expert legal analysis, no need to fuss
Thanks for reading, hope you learned a lotta
Stay legal my friends, peace out, mic drop, holla!